About the Self Publishing Toolkit

The Self Publishing Toolkit’s primary goal is to give you a no-nonsense approach to Self Publishing. When I first started publishing, I read every how-to book I could get my hands on and most of them spent a lot of time telling me what to do but not how to do it. I’m all about the bottom line, so I decide to change all of that. You don’t have to waste your time or money on anyone else’s how-I did it books because this site is all about how you can do it.

You’ll find step by step tutorials both on the website and in the book plus articles that will help you to market your book for long term success. When it comes to Self Publishing, staying the course is the way to success and I’m here to help you do just that. If you have any questions or requests, please contact me.

If you’re tired of of wasting time and money on ads and books promotions that don’t work, I’ve got good news for you. There is a better way!

This fall, the Self Publishing Toolkit will be kicking off it’s first (free) Book Marketing eCourse.

If you’d like to get in on the action, just sign up below. I”ll send you SPTK’s free Resource Guide and you’ll be first in line to get all the info about the Book Marketing course.

Meet Daphne

Daphne Dangerlove is a writer at heart and a trainer by profession. After spending years writing manuals for the human resources department at work, she finally decided to write a guide for something she loved to do in her spare time: writing. Her first book was a dinky little pdf for her writing group, outlining the finer points of writing romance. It’s popularity led her to the world of Self-Publishing.

As a member of Generation X, she immediately sought a book to tell her exactly what to do to get her first eBook on Amazon. Instead of one book, she found dozens. None of them provided a comprehensive guide to the entire Publication process though. Tired of scrambling around for the answers she needed, she put them all in one book and the Self-Publishing Toolkit was born.

Now that her Human Resources job is a thing of the past, Daphne spends her non-writing time reading great books, knitting beautiful things and swimming with her kids in Southern California. Her Dad is glad that B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara he paid for is finally getting some use. The Self-Publishing Toolkit is her fourth non-fiction book.