3 Ways Your Book Can Sell Itself

3 Ways Your Book Can Sell ItselfYour book is the best sales tool in your promotional arsenal. Leveraging the front and back matter of your book can help you to sell more books. Below you’ll find the three key areas you can utilize to increase your future book sales.

1. Your ‘Look Inside’ Sample

This is your first chance to grab a reader, so make sure you have a good sample available for them to check out. (The sample is the first 10% of your book.) Keep your front matter, acknowledgements and review snippets to a minimum in order to allow maximum space for your actual book.

If you’ve published a short book, short story or novella that is less than 40 pages, your sample may be brief or non-existent. If this is the case, consider packaging multiple short stories into one volume or writing a longer book. If readers are unable to sample your work, they are unlikely to hit that buy button.

1. Include a ‘Sneak Peek’Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

When you have more than one book for sale, make sure to include a teaser chapter for one of your other books in your back matter. Choose an intriguing, short excerpt and add a clear call to action and buy link at end of the sample.

This book sample doesn’t have to be long nor does it have to be the first chapter or introduction of your next book. Pick a standout section of your book that will leave readers wanting more. Make sure to include your excerpt in your table of contents so readers aren’t mislead about the length of your book. And don’t forget to include a “buy this book” link at the end of your sample!

3. Links 

Include a direct link to your Author Central Page on Amazon. When your reader clicks on this link, they’ll be instantly transported to a complete list of the books you have for sale. This page is optimized to sell you and your book and you can add all sorts of personalized content, including your recent blog posts and tweets. By including this one link, you’re actually linking to your website, twitter and putting them on a page where they can buy your other titles.

Take a few minutes to give your book a quick check-up using these tips. Streamlining your book’s front and back matter could have a great impact on your future sales.