The Biggest Mistake Book Promotion Mistake You Can Make

Self publishing is hard work. Being a one person writing-editing-formatting-promotion department can be overwhelming on the best day. When your to-do list starts to get way too long, it’s all too easy to bail on promotion tasks.

When it comes to book promotion, the biggest mistake you can make is to do nothing at all.

But with all the advice out there, how do you know what to do?

The honest answer? It doesn’t matter as long as you do something.

If you only have 5 minutes, hop on Twitter and sent a tweet. Then find 5 readers and follow them. (Hint: find another author who writes in the same genre as you and follow their followers.)

Only 15 minutes? Head over to Facebook and update your fans. Ask a question to engage your readers or share a photo. Facebook is a great place to keep fans updated on the progress of your latest book. (Even if you only have a few fans, do it anyway! When  a new fan stumbles onto your page, they’ll have good reason to like it.)

Have 30 minutes? Write up a quick post for your blog. Shorter content is great for short online attention spans. Share a great link, a book or even a picture. (Caption that photo! Captions are the most read text on your site.) To make writing blog posts faster, keep a running list of topics in Evernote or a Word file so you don’t have spend time thinking up a great idea.

If you’ve got more than 30 minutes set aside for marketing tasks, you can do all three of the above tasks and then check out the Self Publishing Toolkit Online for even more ideas!