The Indie Author Toolkit

I am super, unbelievably excited to announce the debut of the Self Publishing Toolkit’s first child: the Indie Author Toolkit!Download the SPTK Author Toolkitdownload full film Carol 2015

The Self Publishing Toolkit’s Indie Author Toolkit has everything you need to write your next novel in one package–all you need to add is your imagination.

Inside the Toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Scrivener 30 day free trial (This is the only program you need to write a novel! It is the total package from start to finish.)
  • The Scrivener Quick-Start guide to get you up and running as fast as possible.
  • The Self Publishing Toolkit Scrivener Template – This template takes all of the best practices outlined in the Self Publishing Toolkit and puts them to work for you. It also includes tips inside the program to advise you as you work.
  • Grammar Matters – A quick reference quick to the most common grammatical mistakes and how to fix them. Also includes a complete guide to punctuation.

The Indie Author Toolkit is yours to download. Simply fill out the form below and get free instant access to this one of a kind toolkit.



  1. It looks awesome

  2. Ready to give it a go!

  3. I am unable to get the template to work on scrivener for mac…can you help?

    • I can help. I’ll email you in just a second.

      • yay!!! thank you so much!

        • I emailed you via your icloud email…did you get it? If not, just let me know where I can email you either here or just send me an email to daphne@

          (I am off to pick up my kids right now, but I’ll check email when I get home.)

          • Thanks Daphne, the only mail I got was the comment notification for here…you can also try but I downloaded the toolkit and followed instructions for importing the template into scrivener….when I go to create a new project, I go to fiction and I can see the green template but it is dulled/grayed out and scrivener will not choose the template…getting ready to leave work myself, so will check emails when I get home…thank you for all of your help!