The 5 Minute WordPress Setup Guide: Module 1 of the Author Website Toolkit

Download Module 1 The 5 Minute WordPress Setup GuideDo you want a Professional Author Website but have no idea where to start?

A professional website is a critical piece of your promotional strategy and every author should have one. If you’ve been procrastinating on setting yours up (or just hanging onto that blogspot site) because:

  • you don’t want to hire an expensive designer
  • you don’t want to spend hours digging through google trying to figure out how to do it on your own

Then the Author Website Toolkit is for you. (You can find out more about the Author Website Toolkit & access additional modules by clicking here. All available free of charge.)

The Author Website Toolkit

At the Self Publishing Toolkit, my mission to simplify the tasks associated with publishing and promoting your book so I’m rolling out a brand new kit: The AUTHOR WEBSITE TOOLKIT. 

This multi-module kit will take you through building an author website from the ground up even if you have no technical experience whatsoever. Each step is clearly explained paired with an illustration to make building your site as easy as possible.

And best of all? When you are done, you’ll have a website that is easy to main on your own without having to pay hefty designer fees for simple updates.

Module 1: The 5 Minute WordPress Setup Guide

I’m starting things out with this quick and easy guide to getting your own domain, hosting and setting up your site.

Can you really do it in 5 minutes? Absolutely!

WordPress gives you the freedom and flexibility to design your site any way you want to and I’ll show you how, step by step.

Module 1 will show you how to:

  • buy your domain and hosting (includes a money saving coupon!)
  • install WordPress in just a few clicks (and less than 5 minutes!)
  • set up your email through your new domain (so you can have a professional author email like

Ready to get started? Click here or on the image to access the Guide!

You can access the rest of the Author Website Toolkit by clicking here.




  1. Hi Daphne

    I find your toolkit excellent (though somewhat daunting).
    I have just read your instructions regarding WordPress
    and wonder if this is a good route to take if you already have
    a WordPress account.

    Could it be transferred, or would it required to be recreated
    going down the Hostgator route.
    Or maybe acquiring a domain name through WordPress would be a lot easier.


    • Rod,
      Thanks for the compliments on the book! As long as you take things one step at a time, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

      You could obtain your domain name through I would recommend moving your website from .com to .org (which is when you host your own site with WordPress as described in this guide.) Being an author is about building a brand and a professional website is part of that, especially these days with so many authors entering the market. With hostgator, you control everything that goes on your site (if you want to advertise your own book, host videos, have unlimited space or customize it however you want, you can.) You can also host your own mailing list sign up form which doesn’t allow. You can use plugins to do all of the stuff that wants to charge you for!

      It’s very easy to export your site from .com to the .org/hostgator route. From your dashboard, go to Tools > Export. Then click Export and follow the wizard. Then, in your new WordPress installation, you just import that file from the same menu. If you are concerned about traffic, you can also set up a redirect from your old blog to your new one. does charge you $13.00 to set this up so I’d only do it if you have a lot of posts and traffic coming to to your site. Otherwise, I’d just put a link on the page to your new site.

      On the upside, the backend of your site will be pretty much the same so you’d probably have no learning curve once you got your site imported. I am working on a series of follow up guides to this one that will help authors get their sites set up with everything they need so you may want to keep your eye out for those. I saw that you joined the mailing list and I’ll send updates to that list when new guides are available. Based on your question though, it looks like I should probably broaden the scope of the first guide to cover transferring content as well.

      I guess that was a pretty long winded way to answer your question. Overall it is worth the initial hassle for the long term benefits.

      If you have additional questions, please let me know!